The SciFi Woman

Natacha Guyot

Natacha Guyot is a French scholar, author, and now teaching assistant, who moved to Texas in summer 2016 to embark on a new adventure, doctoral studies in Arts and Humanities at the University of Texas at Dallas. Her nexus seeks to foster polite and constructive discussions about a wide range of topics. Her passions, fueling most of her academic and professional work, are at the core of the platform and the guests stopping by whether for posts or interviews.

From a young age, she has been passionate about storytelling and how it affects so many aspects of life, from children media to rethinking society and culture. Her love of storytelling evolved from playing with toys as a child to fan creations, ranging from vidding to post-by-post role-playing, and of course writing her own short stories and novels.

She fell in love with Science Fiction when only a toddler. Her appreciation for the versatile genre, with ties to folk tales, mythology, Horror and Fantasy, has only grown stronger over the years. Picking a favorite would be a time-consuming and difficult thing but it is safe to say she owes much to Star Wars, including because it inspired her to pursue Film Studies after high school (from a professional degree in media production to her first Master’s from Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle).

A feminist at heart, women, their lives, their struggles, their representations, matter very much to her. She believes in intersectional feminism and continues to educate herself at every opportunity and seeks for her nexus to be a safe and inclusive space. Female characters have been a central center of interest in her academic research and most of her stories include prominent women as well.

She was raised to have a curious mind so she could make her own spiritual choices when a grownup. Her spirituality has evolved over the years. From attending a Catholic school (for non-religious reasons) to a Buddhist mother, to reading about mythology from different cultures, she has complex beliefs that don’t tie to a single religion. She has a spiritually-seeking soul and enjoys the journey. She values respectful dialogues and conversations with people from different walks of life and spiritual paths.

Amazon Princess Kenzi (right) enjoying the good life in France with her brother Leo.

When she isn’t busy working on papers and presentations, or plotting new social media ideas, you will find this cat lady drinking tea, trying to catch up with her beautiful pile of to-read books, wishing she had a sabbatical year devoted to TV series marathons, or killing monsters in video games (probably World of Warcraft).