January Publications + Instagram Inspiration

Happy New Year! May 2018 be a year full of joy and success to all of you! I hope you enjoyed a relaxing holiday season.

The Spring semester has started and I am happy to already be able to organize various deadlines for my various classes and projects. I have a lot in store for #SciFi Women Interviews, with 7 guests out of 12 confirmed at this point. I am so happy to see this feature start its fourth year. The 2017 Collection free eBook will be released in March, as usual.

My first publication of 2018 came out this week. You can check “The Cahiers Du Cinéma: From Literary Influences to Filmic Legacy“ in the Mediascape Fall 2017 Issue. I currently have two more papers in the process of submission and hope to see them published later this year, depending when and where they get accepted.

There will soon be a fiction release in the Dantek System Records universe, so stay tuned!

While the blog will likely continue to be somewhat quiet outside of publication updates and #SciFi Women Interviews, I am quite active on both Twitter and Instagram. I have been doing mini-updates, inspirational posts, and sneak peeks into some projects on the latter, so you may want to follow me there!

As always, you can support my work through ko-fi.com. The donations go towards internet bills, publication fees, research expenses. Thank you!

5 thoughts on “January Publications + Instagram Inspiration

  1. It sounds like there’s a full and interesting year ahead. I have a friend who is a woman in Scifi who may be interested in taking part. If you’re interested I can ask her 🙂

    1. Hi! I would be happy to know who your friend is and what her work is about. I am not sending out any new invitations until later in the Spring, but I am always happy to discover new people, as well as seeing whether they would be good fits for the feature. 🙂

        1. Thanks for messaging her, but as I explained in my previous comment, I don’t know whether or when I would invite her to be a guest yet, being unfamiliar with her work.

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