Publication Updates

Enjoying a relaxing and yet productive summer so far. And I have several news regarding my publications:

Updated Kindle Files

After preparing the Smashword versions for several of my self-published titles, which will be released end of summer), I have uploaded updated Kindle files on Amazon for the following titles: A Galaxy of Possibilities (New Revised Edition), Before Mako Came Yoko, John Winchester’s Orchestrated Fall from Grace in Supernatural, Talyn’s Heroic Journey in Farscape, Clairvoyance Chronicles Volume One, and Dream Crusher.

New Academic Publication

In February, I presented a paper called “Dana Scully’s Empowerment as a Bio-Terrorism Survivor” at the RAW conference at my university. I am proud to say that the whole essay was accepted for publication in Feminist Spaces 3.2, and the journal was released recently.

Upcoming Short Story

Last year, I wrote a Science Fiction short story that takes place in the Dantek System Records universe, in which Dream Crusher and Homeless take place. I decided to revise it this summer and make it available for free around November, to celebrate the one year anniversary of Dream Crusher‘s release. Stay tune for more information!


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