Long Time No See (A.K.A Life Updates)

Hi all! It has been a while since I wrote an actual blog post for the Nexus. Life has been busy, if not borderline overwhelming. Yet I thought it was time to share an update.


I finished my first PhD year at UT Dallas and my current GPA is 3.8. I love the experience and the diverse community on campus. I am aiming to complete the doctoral program in 4 years instead of 5 at this point. My committee is already formed and I have a subject for my dissertation: I will work on Dana Scully from The X-Files, likely expanding from a paper I presented earlier this year. I am excited to learn so many new things and interact with brilliant individuals.

UT Dallas also offers self-paced Graduate Teaching Certificates for free as a graduate student/Teaching Assistant. I have completed the first one this year and am planning to work towards the advanced one during the rest of my time there. One of my summer goals is to go through the online modules for it, so that’s one aspect done.

I am grateful for my Teaching Assistant job. Not only do I get my tuition fees covered through it, as well as a stipend allowing me to live, but I also appreciate being able to give back to the university, and since I hope to become a university professor, this is solid experience!


As a doctoral student, I write a lot, which means that I don’t have much energy/drive to work on non-studies projects at the moment. I felt bad about it because I had this feminist blog series planned, as well as a couple of fiction projects wanting my attention. I was originally trying to push myself during the summer to get more writing done, but I eventually decided against it. Oh, the guilt nagged at me, and might do so again. Yet I don’t want to put any writing goals on my summer to-do list. If I have spurs of inspiration, I will have fun with them, but I don’t want to start my second year of PhD already burned out. That would be painful, unnecessary and very counterproductive.

This year has been good so far in terms of publications though. Sci-Fi Women Interviews: the 2016 Collection is available for free, and I got two academic papers accepted (more info to be posted when links are available!) and I have three more currently submitted.

I also plan to format and create Smashwords version for 5 of my independently published titles so they are available on multiple sites once their current term of Kindle exclusivity ends this summer.

The Nexus

While I don’t have any solid blogging schedule at the moment, I am focusing on using the Nexus as an interview platform to celebrate other people whose creations and work I support. Sci-Fi Women Interviews is still running strong now in its third year and I hope to extend invitations for the last months of 2017 during the summer. I also have a few other interviews planned. I am also open to guests posting here, should their content fall within the scope of the Nexus.

I will also share more about current writing projects when more information is available.

Social Media

While I maintain consistent presence on my Facebook Page (which I hope to strengthen some more down the road), LinkedIn (up-to-date with current achievements), Pinterest, Goodreads, and Google+, you will mostly find me on Twitter and Instagram these days. I joined the latter only recently, but am enjoying using it to share some snippets of everyday life and writing/creative process. Come say hi!

What about you?

How is life? What are your current projects? What are your summer goals? Anything you’d love to see on the Nexus?

6 thoughts on “Long Time No See (A.K.A Life Updates)

  1. Glad the Ph.D is going well! I’ve stepped away from the ‘net for a while (except the occasional art post or short stuff on FB.) to work on a book that’s been in process for the last 9 months or so. I had grand plans for the year with blogging and social media, but like you, I decided to step back and re-focus my priorities.

    1. Thank you, sweetie! I am glad that you’ve been able to focus on that book project! and yeah, grand plans for blogging and social media (which is why I am happy to focus on Twitter and Instagram right now as they’re the easiest and funniest for me) can fall to the side. It’s really about priorities and I don’t want to burn myself out with side projects when my energy and time are needed with the PhD and work. Curbing my overachiever tendencies is hard but I know it has been helping.

  2. Natasha Guyot… long time no see! I’m glad you finally got things going and even moved to another country to do so. Good for you Ranooki. You’ll be a great university teacher in the future I’m sure, keep at it. Hopefully we’ll chat sometime.

    1. Hi Pablo!! Long time no see indeed! How are you doing? Yeah, life finally going into the right direction feels so nice! Thanks for your well wishes and I hope we’ll chat sometime too.

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