#SciFi Women Interview – Alexandra Moody

I am happy to welcome Alexandra Moody as May 2017 guest! I discovered her and her work through Twitter. I got curious about her fiction and creative process and was glad she accepted to be part of this feature.

Alexandra Moody is an Australian author who writes young adult science fiction novels. She studied Law and Commerce in her hometown, Adelaide, before going on to spend several years living abroad in Canada and the UK. She is a serious dog-lover, double-black-diamond snowboarder and has a love/hate relationship with the gym. She can often be found on Twitter and Facebook.

You can connect with her on her website, Facebook, Twitter, and find more about her books.

Alexandra Moody.

NG: How were you first introduced to Science Fiction?

MOODY: I can’t recall the first instance I was introduced to the genre, but it was probably Jurassic Park. At least, that was the first sci-fi movie that had a lasting impression—those dinosaurs were terrifying as a kid!

My passion for the genre was truly established in my teens though. I was an avid reader when I was a teenager and loved getting lost in science fiction and fantasy worlds. I can still remember the amazing feelings that reading these stories invoked and it started my life-long love for science fiction books.

NG: What are your three favorite Science Fiction books, movies, and TV shows?

MOODY: I really struggle with picking favorites, but I was hooked with the recent TV series Westworld—season 2 feels forever away! One of my recent favorite books was The Martian by Andy Weir, and I also really enjoyed the movie adaption. Then for a current favorite movie I would have to say Guardians of the Galaxy. I love a good superhero movie and the soundtrack alone for this was amazing.

NG: What do you think of the versatile nature of Science Fiction and its relations with other genres?

MOODY: It really is incredibly versatile. It provides such a solid base from which you can interweave other genres. Even within my own work there are always elements of romance, mystery or suspense. My current series, The Liftsal Guardians, is grounded in science fiction, but it also incorporates areas that are part fantasy and adventure.

NG: Do you think that Science Fiction is a genre welcoming to women?

MOODY: Most definitely. Some of my favorite science fiction novels have been written by women, and you only need to look at the best sellers lists to see how well women are doing in the genre. Women are highly capable of creating amazing science fiction works, and I am frequently seeing women break out in the genre. My works are all targeted at young adults, and the young adult science fiction market seems especially popular for woman writers and also for featuring female protagonists.

NG: What are the Science Fiction female characters most inspiring to you?

MOODY: I find female characters that are strong and resilient to be the most inspiring. Ones that aren’t held back by any preconceived ideas of what is expected of them and who are willing to fight for their beliefs.

NG: How did you start writing Science Fiction?

MOODY: I think I was always going to write in this genre because it is what I read and love. When I first started writing, I was reading a lot of post-apocalyptic and dystopian novels. I felt so inspired by what I was reading and it felt natural to start writing in the genre. I have always been interested in future technologies and imagining ‘what if’ scenarios, so writing in science fiction came easily.

NG: What authors have had the most significant impact on your storytelling?

MOODY: There are quite a few authors who have impacted my storytelling, but I believe the ones that have had the most impact are the ones that I read as a teenager. Those books were the ones that truly introduced me to the genre and fostered the love I have for it today. Some of those authors include Philip Pullman, Isobelle Carmody and David Eddings. I will often pull their books from my bookcase and reread them when I need inspiring.

NG: Can you tell us about your books, the ARC series, and the Liftsal Guardians?

MOODY: The ARC series is a set of four young adult post-apocalyptic novels. It is the first series I ever wrote and is set in an underground fallout shelter where people mysteriously disappear. It centers around the female protagonist, Elle, and what happens when one of her closest friends is taken away.

The Liftsal Guardians series is set on another planet and is about a girl whose brother goes missing during their space mission. Sloane is feisty and strong willed, and will do anything to find him. But, in her search for him she is kidnapped and taken through a rift to another world. The story follows her journey as she tries to escape from the man who holds her captive and find out what happened to her brother.

NG: What are your current writing projects?

MOODY: I am currently busy with books in The Liftsal Guardians series. Book two, The Brakys’ Lair, was released in April and I’m currently working on book three, which will be out in July this year.

NG: What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

MOODY: The most important thing you can do is to make sure you believe in yourself and your work. Writing a novel isn’t easy and there are a lot of setbacks in this industry. You have to be truly passionate about what you are doing and know that you are capable of achieving your goals no matter what speed bumps you may encounter along the way.

NG: Thank you very much for being with us today, Alexandra! I am certain my readers will be glad to find more about your books.

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