Interview with Danita Rambo (smallCon)

When I moved to Dallas, I was introduced to the Geek Girl Brunch and this group of women provides safe, fun and wonderful company! With a new upcoming event, smallCon, which will take place in the DFW area, on September 9, 2107, I sat down with Danita Rambo, the founding director of the smallCon organization, so she could tell us more about this event.


NG: What is smallCon?
RAMBO: smallCon is a non-profit that endeavors to educate the public about women in STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) services via a one day convention that works toward promoting, inspiring, and supporting women of all ages in these fields by hosting panels of ladies to talk about their careers and their projects. We’ll have demonstrations and workshops for adults and kids alike.

NG: How did you get the idea for the project?
RAMBO: I run a fun geeky group called Geek Girl Brunch DFW and I’ve learned more about what I’m capable of doing in my time with that group of women then I have my entire life. I wanted a way to showcase to everyone all the amazing things other women do in the world and inspire them to find that capability in themselves.

NG: What are your goals with the convention?
RAMBO: I want kids to know all the fun and exciting jobs and projects they could be doing! I want the women who attend to understand they can start doing something they love, and are completely capable of, at any time in their life. 20, 40, 60 there is no limit.

NG: How can people get involved?
RAMBO: We are still actively taking submissions for vendors and demonstrators in STREAM fields right now as we work out the program for the day. You can volunteer and help us reach out to schools and libraries offering information on attending the convention. We are taking donations and sponsorship to allow free entry to children under the age of 12 as well!

You can follow smallCon on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

NG: Thank you for being with us today, Danita! Best of luck with smallCon!


Danita Rambo.

Danita Rambo is a Technology Project & Product Manager in Dallas, Texas. She manages the Geek Girl Brunch DFW branch which is a community organization that creates a safe space for women to geek out around pop culture arts., network, and enjoy each other’s company A native of Ft. Worth, TX, Danita transitioned to Dallas over a decade ago volunteering with the Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce managing special events, working with companies to throw corporate parties and company wide events.

Danita is the founding director of the smallCon Organization. Wanting to contribute what she can to the community and encourage people to believe at any point in their lives they can achieve success she brought her management talents, her passionate network, and her love of technology together to showcase the talents of women that are rarely discussed.

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