The Digital Quill’s Writing Tips – Fellow Authors Aren’t Competition

This is one thing that I learned early on, despite being a competitive person by nature. Considering other authors as competition will just make you bitter and keep making unhealthy comparisons. This is the wrong choice for all parties involved. If you choose to build one another up, this is a more effective and positive approach. Will you get along with all fellow authors? No, you won’t, but neither will you with every person you come across.

Wanting to partake in a sense of community with your fellow authors helps you learn more, share joys and concerns, be of help as much as you benefit from it as well. Approaching it as a self-serving decision isn’t what you should do of course. You must approach it with sincerity to make it a valuable experience.

While writing conferences or conventions should be events you are interested in, those aren’t always easy to attend. In the meantime, you can also look out for writing groups online. And if groups aren’t what you are most comfortable in, you can also choose to build connections via social media  and authors you meet and then connect and stay in touch with.

What about you?

  • How has your experience with fellow authors been so far?
  • Did you ever attend a writing workshop or conference?
  • Do you belong to any writing group?

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