The Digital Quill’s Writing Tips – Perfecting Your Craft

I admit that my thirst of learning new things about writing (or any topic) comes in spurs. I tend to always make sure I am learning more but the subjects take turn for the most part. Yet, I still make it a habit to check any blog post that can be relevant to a small number of topics that has an impact on my life, including writing.

While reading actual books about writing craft is important, making sure to follow some blogs or not hesitate to click links posted by people you respect, can make a difference in the long run. Maybe you think that reading just a post or two won’t change much, but you never know where the latest great tip that inspire you or clear a roadblock will be.

It is of course easy to find conflicting types of advices and methods, but learning about both (or multiple) sides of a same topic can only enrich your experience.

What about you?

  • How often do you read about writing craft?
  • Do you stick to certain aspects or do you read about a broad spectrum?
  • Are you willing to read about techniques and tips that normally conflict with your own process?

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