The Digital Quill’s Writing Tips – You Can Be Both a Pantser and a Plotter

You can work on a project with both pantser and plotter moments. Being purely one or the other is an option as acceptable as being a mix of both, whether on one project or on multiple. It is possible to enjoy preparing a lot and plot several parts, then find a time in your story when you realize you want to explore a completely new direction and just go with it. You never know what something can bring to you unless you try it.

Overall, we all have a pantser and a plotter inside of us, even when one of them takes center stage. While it is important to find out what works best for you as you grow as a writer, not needing to fit into a given box can helps you flesh out your skills more than if you seek to absolutely fit into the box of your choosing.

With what I explained about note taking earlier, it shows that we are all prone to jot down some ideas even when we write in a pantser way. Being knowledgeable about what options we have is equally important as to know what feels/becomes right for us in our unique experience as a writer. We all share techniques and processes, but in the end, we still have our own path and it is what makes the writing world beautiful: we all have something different to bring, even if we were all given the same topic to write on and the same format!

What about you?

  • How much do you prepare a project before writing?
  • Do you switch from pantser to plotter (or vice versa) at certain points of your writing process?
  • Do you sometimes change direction in your project because of sudden but strong inspiration? If not, would you be willing to do it if it happened?

2 thoughts on “The Digital Quill’s Writing Tips – You Can Be Both a Pantser and a Plotter

  1. I’m definitely a plotter, but sometimes when I’m filling in the holes of the story things come up that make me change other parts of the story. You have to be a little of both, I think!

    1. I like how fluid and evolving writing can be, blending inspiration of the moment and techniques, like any other creative work. 🙂

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