The Digital Quill’s Writing Tips – One Project at a Time

I don’t mean that you should work on solely one project (I can only be in writing stage for one but can take notes and edit others). It has to do with the type of project you are currently working on. You can be a diehard plotter who needs as many elements jotted down before starting writing or a happy pantser who writes things as they go and get hit in the face by what your characters decide to you (that can happen even to a dedicated plotter though, it just means you are a writer).

When you start writing, I’d recommend starting with what feels right for you. If you want to plot a lot or just throw yourself into the project, go with your intuition. Whether it is a success or not, this first impulse will teach you things and from there you will be able to figure things out with more depth and results with your next projects.

You might also find out that depending on what you write, you err more on the plotter or pantser side, although it is the contrary for another project. For example, I am a huge plotter when it comes to nonfiction. If I don’t have a detailed structure, whether whole book or a single essay, I can’t start writing. I feel at a loss. On the other hand, I have found out that I am more of a pantser with certain fiction projects. It has been a surprise to my writer’s development over the last two years, but it has liberated me in pursuing more fiction titles again!

What about you?

  • Are you more a plotter or a pantser?
  • Did you observe a difference from one type of writing to another?
  • If you are unsure, what are you first drawn to when you start a project? Do you directly dive into writing or do you take notes and organize elements?

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