The Digital Quill’s Writing Tips – The Time Element

What if you don’t have time right when the muse hits you with a hammer and demands?

Still try to take some notes as soon as you can (which can also be a good idea to use a way of voice-recording if it tends to happen to you while you are driving or doing something you can’t put on hold right away).

Making efforts to stay focused on the ideas you are getting, so you can remember them for as soon as you can take actual notes, is a good way to go as well. Even if you are unable to recall everything as if you had taken notes right when inspiration hit you, every bit of information you can gather can still make a difference.

So, if you don’t have the immediate possibility to take notes when inspiration happens, don’t fret and write down everything you can remember when you have time.

And if you do have time to take notes when your muse barges in, you should make the best of this opportunity. You never know what you can learn in those moments. If you are blessed with availability when it occurs, it always makes for a meaningful experience.

What about you?

  • Did you ever have time to dive into an inspiring moment and take as many notes as you could? Does your muse show up at most inopportune times?
  • If so, how do you react?

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