Traveling Characters: Packing Up For a Different Universe

Some characters simply refuse to stay in the sand box you built for them. It can be frustrating but it is part of a writer’s life. Given the amount of universes I have in mind (and in notes on my computer and/or paper), I shouldn’t have been surprised when some of my characters felt like they should move to another universe. And so far, every time they decided to do that, the result was positive. Characters know better, right?

When I started toying with taking my roleplaying characters into brand new directions, I was expecting most if not all of them to go to the same playground that I was developing with a longtime friend and creative collaborator. To this day, I am still planning to have a large number of them (prior to the move to my new roleplaying home, I had written a little over fifty characters since 2008) to this universe.

Of course, a few wild ones decided they didn’t want that. It started with one of my few male characters for whom I built a brand new world. He was soon followed there by a female Cyborg character, but they didn’t end in the same story (yet). When I finished both the novella (my upcoming Dream Crusher to be released end of 2016) and the short story, I knew that I would write more in that universe.

What I didn’t see coming was that at least one other former roleplaying character decided that they would love to move there the day I give them an original story. In a way, this makes me happy because it gives me more food for thought and material to work with as I expand this universe. Right now, I am brainstorming a name for the universe, because it won’t be a book series as much as several stories, more or less related to one another, that takes place in the same universe. Normally, I’m pretty good with titles of all kinds, but this one has proven difficult.

One of my characters who were supposed to be in the original new playground for former roleplaying characters also decided she wanted her own settings. This one is still slightly up for debate as I am not planning to work on her trilogy before a few years, but knowing how stubborn she is, I am not expecting her to change her mind.

4 thoughts on “Traveling Characters: Packing Up For a Different Universe

  1. I’ve brought some of my character ideas to whole different genres before actually, either from fantasy to scifi or the reversal. It was interesting to see and find out that there were several instances where the character actually would do something their original might not have done in their original universe, but I was also interested in find that, even without full control of the world, there were many similar things happening to them that mirrored their true life.

    Sometimes, like you said, you just have to find a new home for a character you love to refresh your whole look about them. Maybe you might find something you can improve on or add to in their original if a return was ever wished for.

    We all have our own favourites though, as I have had more fun with one character in a single contianed world than in a galaxy of possibilities. Maybe being trapped was all the character needed in the first place.

    1. Isn’t it great when the characters retain similarities regardless of the universe they live in? It is interesting to discover what their “core” might be, even if different from what you believed it to be as a writer.

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