Traveling Characters: Multiple Versions

In the past months, I have transitioned to a new roleplaying board to be my online home, and had to recreate characters there to adjust to the settings and embrace the new opportunities. Some characters kept their names, background but even them who stayed as close to their first version as possible, have had difference experiences to a degree, beside the new adventures they have at the new board. It was a daunting experience at first but I realized that after two to eight years of writing them, the chance of new beginning has rejuvenated my muses a great deal.

I enjoy being able to have my characters live one life at a time, and rarely if ever write multiple versions at once on different boards. When it comes to write in original universes and a roleplaying one, I can do both at once, because the characters are different enough due to the universe being my own. And sometimes writing one version makes me want to develop the other even more. When I picked up my vampire roleplaying character Gabrielle (the only one I write outside of the Star Wars universe), she was adamant about me working more on her original version, which will be my Vampiric Versailles series, for which I have solid notes and an outline of the first book.

The multiplicity of versions of characters when they move from one universe to another, or live in several ones, is how they can evolve on their own, or become mosaics of several characters. I have seen some of my characters become mash-ups of previous ones when I least expected it. Sometimes the old characters disappear and don’t show up again in their original shape, and sometimes they do.

I have also seen a character give life to multiple ones close to them. I can’t deny that my novel’s protagonist Aruna led to my roleplaying “main” Satkia, and in a way it isn’t surprising that both of them had their names become online aliases for me.

At this point, I have less multiple versions of characters running between roleplaying and original writing, except for Anjali and Gabrielle. It isn’t for a lack of inspiration but because the projects I am focusing on don’t involve that many characters who also have roleplaying iterations. What is amusing though is to work on my first novel’s translation from French to English. Beside the heavy revision needed, many roleplaying characters’ names come from this novel, but the characters are often extremely different from the original one. It can make my head spin a bit but makes for an interesting experience.

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