Traveling Characters: From One Universe to the Other(s)

Over the years, I have witnessed a fair number of my characters decide they wanted to live in a different universe than the one they had first started in. Whether it was to live an alternate life or to fully forsake the original universe I had tried to make them live in, I have seen multiple situations.

It used to be unsettling to me when such things first happened, especially if I thought I had it all organized. But muses know better and forcing a character to do something they don’t want to only means fruitless headaches. I have no problem wrestling to fix a plot or character issue, but when a character blatantly refuse to stay in a universe or a story, letting them go has proven to be the best option.

Sometimes the changes are less dramatic of course, which is a relief, but I thought that this topic would be of interest to fellow readers and writers.

Join me for this blog series that will continue on every Thursday until end of July!

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